21.95 - 79.95


πŸ”₯ Signed and numbered – limited to 15 of each size:
β–Έ Small size – 20 x 30 cm
β–Έ Medium size – 30 x 40 cm
β–Έ Large size – 40 x 50 cm
β–Έ X-Large size – 50 x 70 cm

The prints are sold without a frame and the sizes include border (small size has no border). Printed on 308 g cotton paper, which is similar to watercolor paper. They are printed on demand, so please allow two weeks for printing and packaging – international orders can take up to 5 weeks depending on customs.

To honor the nature of limited edition prints, once they sell out, they are gone! So get yours while they’re hot!

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I appreciate your support and good taste! β™‘

Between black and white, right and wrong, war and peace lies the gray zone, the blurred line, the middle ground. No boundaries between good and evil, moral and amoral. Thin ice and solid ground.

No safety net to prevent slipping into extremes.
No caution signs or flashing lights to guide our steps.

We live and die in a fairy tale with alternate endings penned by politician, media moguls and religious fanatics who convince us to choose from a stacked deck to win a fixed game. Compliment us on our finery tho we are threadbare or naked.

We live in the land of the free where the rule of law applies only to commoners. Opportunity comes with a price few can afford and everyone has the right to work and the right to be exploited.

You might be dwelling in the kingdom of surreality if…. Conflicting images are presented as harmonious. Opposites are blended to form bland. Ugliness is sugar-coated and swallowed whole. Love and passion interfere with success.