21.95 - 49.95


πŸ”₯ Signed and numbered – limited to 10 of each size:
β–Έ Small size – 20 x 30 cm
β–Έ Medium size – 30 x 40 cm
β–Έ Large size – 40 x 50 cm

The prints are sold without a frame and the sizes include border (small size is without border). Printed on 308 g cotton paper, which is similar to the paper the original drawing was made on. They are printed on demand, so please allow two weeks for printing and packaging – international orders can take up to 5 weeks depending on customs.

To honor the nature of limited edition prints, once they sell out, they are gone! So get yours while they’re hot!

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I appreciate your support and good taste! β™‘

Today, 100 years from now, things will be different. The technology will be much further than it is now. People will have to face completely different challenges and devote themselves to completely new problems. But will people adapt to this? Or will they simply trust a powerful person without questioning, and will they thereby plunge themselves into the abyss?

My queen is a queen, but does she really rule on her own? Or is she just a puppet of shadows? Shadows that no one sees or knows, but which in reality have the power and play us all off only each other - for their own provit.
People tend to want to be blind. Not wanting to know the truth, because itβ€˜s supposedly easier. And so many simply follow a queen who may make a good impression on the surface, but who herself is blind to the future. Who doesnβ€˜t decide for herself which way she will go for us and ultimately only hangs in the threads of the shadows.

So experience your future consciously and decide for yourself. Open your eyes and donβ€˜t let them play with you.