Shipping Policies


Shipping Policies


PLEASE make sure you double check your shipping information for any errors before placing an order. It is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide me with is correct. With so many orders it is exceedingly difficult to make changes once an order is placed.

The customer is responsible for additional shipping and an extra handling charge if I have to resend an order due to an incorrect address or if an order was not called for after receiving notice from customs. Sorry friends! To avoid this, just make sure you review your info before you press “Submit Order”!

All prints (except small size, mini prints and stickers) are shipped rolled safely in a protective sleeve in a sturdy packaging. Because of the aggressive nature of the mail system, this has proven to be both the safest, and most affordable shipping method.

Prints are sent via first class mail and first class international with insurance.

All orders come with a thank you card and few of my stickers.

All sales are final.

I try to charge the lowest going rate to keep art affordable for you!

// Germany
Shipping Costs: €6.95 – €12.95
Delivery time: 2 – 8 business days

// United Kingdom
Shipping Costs: €13.95 – €18.95
Delivery time: 5 – 15 business days

// Within Europe
Shipping Costs: €12.95 – €17.95
Delivery time: 5 – 12 business days

// Within Europe (Non-EU)
Shipping Costs: €25.95
Delivery time: 18 – 30 business days

// United States
Shipping Costs: €12.95 – €17.95
Delivery time: 15 – 30 business days

// Asia
Shipping Costs: €25.95 – €35.95
Delivery time: 15 – 30 business days

International & worldwide shipping
Please keep a look out for it or for a notification from your post office or customs about delivery. Normally prints are dropped off without an issue, but each country has unique customs. If the package is kept by customs, they will be in contact with you and it is your responsibility to pick up your package.

To honor the nature of limited edition prints, once they sell out, they are gone! So get yours while they’re hot!

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Copyright © 2023 Martin Grohs
All Rights Reserved.

Permission must be granted to copy all or part of the artwork. This art work may not be sold, duplicated on other websites, incorporated in commercial products, or used for promotional purposes in any manner without my express written permission. Legal action may be taken if these terms are not followed.